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WIN Women of Achievement! -- "Inquiring Minds Want to Know"

Having recently been honored with the Women of Achievent award I have been asked to divulge my story. I hope you find this information not only informative but inspirational.

1. Where were you born?

Lansing, Michigan

2. Where do you live?

Clearwater, Florida

3. Growing up who inspired you?

My mommy

4. How did you hear about Ryze and WIN? How long have you been a Ryze member?

A good friend who doesn’t participate told me about Ryze back in September 2005 in an email. While searching through the available networks I just got lucky one day and found WIN.

5. Tell us more about your businesses as a Copy Editor, Web designer. You wear many hats, anything else?

I am also a published writer and currently have a column on I enjoy helping people and making them smile that is my reason for doing what I do. I am copy editor for Ladies First Magazine and Luxe Studios Design Company. I own DocUmeant, and have operated that business for the past seven years offering VA assistance specializing in document preparation and design.

6. What does it take to be a successful businesswoman?

Never give up! Accept the no’s as a fact of life and keep focused on your goal.

7. What one thing do you know for sure? (This is an Oprah thing)

Jesus loves me this I know! (And so does my mommy ;0 )

The question has been posed, ‘Just who is Ginger Marks?’
I could write a book in answer to this question but since we all have lives to live I will keep it as brief as possible. For now I must leave out a great deal of inspiring detail. Perhaps a book IS in my future, you never know.

I grew up in Lansing, Michigan in a Christian home. I am the second of five children, all surviving and my parents have managed to stay married and very much in love over the years recently celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

I ran away from home at 16, all the way to Laredo, Texas, where I lived for three years. When I returned to Michigan I finished high school at a local school for drop-outs and then went on to take a course in Keypunch operating.

While a keypunch operator in Lansing I met and married ‘Mr. Wrong’. I know you all will understand that statement. After three years, while he was incarcerated, yet again, for drunk and disorderly conduct I packed my bags and hitch-hiked to Tampa, Florida. My best friend’s parents lived just north of there and she had recently moved home so they allowed me to stay in their home a couple of months while I got settled.

After one year I was able to divorce during which time I became a live-in secretary for an advertising agency. It was while employed there that I received a phone call from an old friend of the owners and after speaking to him on the phone I knew this was the man I would eventually marry.

Five years later, we became not only husband and wife but business partners. The company we started was Alpha-Omega Hair Transplant Clinic. We were the first hair transplant clinic in this part of Florida and enjoyed great success and respect in the industry.

In the summer of 1998 Billy Graham announced his intention to host a crusade in Tampa, Florida. Being that we were semi-retired I committed my time and energy in the training needed to participate in the program and headed up three churches choir programs for the Adult and Children choirs.

The day after the final training for the children choir director trainer’s and after 23 years of marriage my husband committed suicide. I was left without a job and home. I stayed with my eldest Godson’s mother until I was able to purchase a condo in a nearby area. While I filed Chapter 13 on myself, our business and my late husband, our business partner sued me for the patient files, most of which were not his patients.

There were two things that kept me going during this time. First was the knowledge that if I followed suit the devastation that I was feeling would be doubled for my family and his, and second was a children’s choir song entitled, ‘God Has A Plan For My Life!’

After settling down in Oldsmar, Florida I began attending a nearby church and answered their call for pianist. There is an interesting story about this but due to our limitation I will forgo the details, for now. Nearly a year after my husbands death I requested prayer to find a suitable mate and one week later met my current husband, Philip Marks.

We have been married now for five-years and I assisted him with the eldercare of his mother before she passed away in the fall of 2005.

Philip has supported me in my ventures which include not only my current vocation as writer, web designer and editor but in my education, training and career as a Financial Advisor, from which I am now retired.

If I was to offer a piece of advice it would be to hold on tight to your beliefs no matter what the travail. Keep on keeping on and ‘NEVER, NEVER, NO NEVER GIVE UP!’

Ginger Marks
Isn't It Time Your Ryze Page Reflected YOU?

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