Monday, December 04, 2006

Holiday Shopping

As we enter into this holiday season my thoughts turn to the gifts that I will bestow. I don’t know about you but I for one hate the crowds and the stores and parking lots full of rude and obnoxious people. That is why I have committed this year to purchase ALL of my gifts from my internet friends. Not ONE will I go out and purchase at a retail establishment. Surly not one!

All year we struggle to make ends meet. Now, when the shopping season and the perfect reason to support our friends businesses begins, we run out of the house and buy from the places like Wal-Mart. Surely the big retailers won’t make good use of our money like our friends will.

What if you want to give a gift that your friends don’t have? The solution is simple. Change your gift selection! Won’t they be surprised when they get a gift that they hadn’t expected? How about a yummy treat? Maybe a stocking stuffed with fresh herbs and teas along with a candle or two would do the trick.

If the person on your gift list owns a business of their own a terrific gift you could consider is an ad package from another of your online friends. I can think of several online friends of mine that own mom & pop businesses that could use the income from such a joint venture.

If you don’t have a list of online friends that can supply your gift needs let me suggest a few that I have found that provide superior quality and speedy delivery.

Click button Shopping:
Lisa’s Art & Horses:

Sage Hill Farms:
My Little Taste of Italy: http://www.mylittletasteofitaly
Annie’s Accent Bakery:
Vermont Shortbread Co:

Home & Garden
Gourmet Candles:
Pampered Chef:
Holiday Cards:
Card covers:
Roses & Teacups:
Cool Candle:
Home & Garden Party:

Creative Gift Wrapping:

Fashion & Jewlery
Ellen B: Elle B. jewelry site
Chic Boutique:
Young Living:
Premier Designs:

Heritage Makers:
Marlin the Christmas Elf:
Jesus Gandhi Oma Mae Adams:
Presentational Skills for the Next Generation:
Whatever! A Baby Boomer’s Journey Into Middle Age:
Jan's Book Store:

Business Coaching
J. Givler:

Global Gateways:

Toys & Games
Discovery Toys:
Bright Minds:
Blessed Toys:
Stuff A Friend:

Mommy’s Neighborhood:
Marketing Salad:
Nibroc Marketing Solutions:
Brand your Market:

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