Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Homemaking Tip #1 - Easily Dress Your King size Bed

As I stated in the beginning the content you will find here will be wide and varied. So off I go on my first tangent. I hope you can relate to and will forgive my ramblings.

At the ripe young age of 50 I am still having a time making my bed. Now I call that a SLOW-learner. You might say the bed and the sheets just don't see eye to eye with me. It seems I invariably put the bottom sheet on sideway because they are always coming loose over the weeks wear. Yes, like a good little wife I fight this battle weekly. Who needs the gym when you can stay home and get your exercise by changing your sheets? I always end up doing more than my fair share of gymnastics and track while leaping over the mattress and running back and forth from one side of the bed to the other to center the top sheet.

Well the other day I finally got a handle on how to easily "dress" a king size bed by myself. Watch out Martha Stuart, Ginger Marks is in town! It all starts with the way they are folded! When you fold the sheets so that they are halved lengthwise instead of widthwise you just stand on one side of the bed and unfold it from one corner to the next. When folding the bottom sheet start by placing your fist into one corner with the seam touching your hand. Now be sure you have the opposite lengthwise corner in your hand and place it seam side over the same fist. Repeat the corner-over-fist technique until all four corners are placed on your fist. This will ensure that you have your bottom sheet folded so that it is easily "placed" on the bed when you get to that step. Then just finish folding.

The real key in proper application of the bottom sheet lies in the elastic sides. The sides are the elastic part not the top! Once I figured that out. It became an easy chore. My only worry is when the mattress gets rotated, LOL. What is that you say? Rotate a king size mattress by yourself? Martha! Where are you when we need you? he he.

Ginger Marks
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Sarah E. Othman said...

Hey Ginger!!! As you know I clean houses for a living!!! And I hope I don't embaress myself here!!! So here's how I make a king sizebed!!! The tag is always at the bottom!!! Once you have your sheets and blankets on.(All that running back and forth) Pull comforter up and fold back,Put pillows in middle of fold, and bring comforter fold, back over pillows on both sides and now hold tight on fold of one side of bed and you should be able to flip all the pillows once to land with tucked pillows!!! there's a trick to the landing process!!!