Friday, January 20, 2006

Online Networking

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I have discovered a unique and active online networking group called It had become my favorite source for encouragement and learning. There I have found the most generous, caring spirit you would ever hope to find. Not only are there groups that assist you with any number of specific subjects but there are wonderful opportunities to share your daily lives as well with people who really care about you.

Having been a networking participant for a number of years I know the benefits and the drawbacks of joining a Chamber or local civic group. Memberships can be expensive and unless you are in the " elite group" it may not be realistic to expect immediate results. It can take years of participation and commitment before you get significant recognition.

Networking is not easy, nor is it comfortable for some. Let's break the word down, Net - working. Get the picture? Net meaning online, or an object used to obtain; working, well I guess that doesn't need any explanation now does it.

What I am suggesting is that networking indeed is a job. You have to participate, get involved, be active, let others know you are there before you will begin to reap the rewards that involvement can offer. Once you have begun participating take a step out on faith and start a conversation. It can be a private conversation with one of the other members or an "open forum" subject depending on your preference.

After you have become comfortable with your participation and group(s) another idea you may want to consider is welcoming others. Do you realize that as you welcome others to groups you participate in that your group grows in numbers and you become known as well. The new members will look to you as an authority and will value what you have to say.

I would love to share more about this topic and extend an invitation to you to join me at for a networking experience like no other you have ever experienced. Look me up when you get there and I will be glad to adopt you as my little sister or little brother and show you around.

Ginger Marks
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Ann Zuccardy said...

Love your tag line at the end of this post! I decided to comment here instead of on Ryze because it's always fun to get comments on a opening little presents all year 'round.


Glenda Hinz said...

Ginger, congrats on starting your blog! Great article on networking on Ryze.


Sarah said...

Hey Ginger!!! Great Works!!! You really are great at what you do!!! I still think you would be a great teacher too!!! You are sweet and caring, And patient.And you stand strong, Like a mountain!!! For what you beleive in!!! I'm very glad to know you!!! Go Forth and Prosper!!! Sarah Elizabeth

Dina said...

Hi Sweet Ginger Spice,

Thank you for the nice Web Content Awareness Day plug. I just read your article about networking... well said indeed. Ryze is superb and I'm happy to have met your acquaintance there. Looking forward to seeing Baby Ginger in the upcoming Baby Contest too.

Thanks again - all the best with your new blog baby!