Thursday, January 19, 2006

Web Content Awareness Day

Web Content Awareness Logo image
February 9, 2006

WCAD is almost here! WCAD is being established for those of us who feel that the internet is filled to overflowing with bad content. Is your content keeping your visitors attention and bringing them back again and again? Promoting those who provide us with content rich content is what Dina Giolitto, is focusing her attention on these days.

Here is a quote from Dina's WCAD website:

"On Web Content Awareness Day, we will give thanks and praise to all the living web wizards who enlighten our minds and enrich our lives every single day. We will pay respect to the "Web Gods and Goddesses" who help us web business owners achieve health, wealth and wisdom on the Web... with thought-provoking content that's full of integrity and intelligence.

I'm talking about web content that speaks of a higher standard, a better business... a more truthful, gracious, happy, successful, and deeply satisfied brand of "super-human" who reigns supreme on the Web! And that's YOU, marketing friend."

If you would like to be a part of this hot new holiday join Dina in support at